The Curtain: The Musical

The Curtain is an exciting new musical by Paul Snider. It is a love story between Angelika, an East German woman living behind the Iron Curtain, and Josh, a Canadian man, set against the tumultuous backdrop of East Berlin during the fall of the Berlin Wall in November, 1989. 

The musical spans the 28-year period between the rise and the subsequent fall of the Berlin Wall. Angelika grew up in East Berlin and spent her life behind The Iron Curtain, whereas Josh grew up in a free country. Their chance meeting in East Berlin sparks a romance that would affect both of their lives forever. At the same time, the streets of East Germany are alive with demonstrations, East Germans pressuring their Communist government to change. The musical The Curtain is about the sacrifices that were made that led to the falling of the Berlin Wall which changed the world forever.